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  • What is the Glass Ceiling Series Free Rights Initiative?
    The Glass Ceiling Series Free Rights Initiative is a project where Fox & Dog will make the production rights free for the current Glass Ceiling Series plays to any professional, non-professional, and university theaters outside of the Philadelphia region.
  • What is the Glass Ceiling Series?
    The Glass Ceiling Series is an ongoing collection of plays about strong, complex womxn finding success in industries typically dominated by men.
  • What are the plays in the Glass Ceiling Series?
    D-Pad - a game developer in the process of making her first self-produced video game. Go Ahead - a middle school history teacher is chosen for a mission to Mars. Watch Me Jump - a WNBA all-star deals with a potentially career-defining scandal.
  • Why is Fox & Dog releasing the rights to the Glass Ceiling Series for free?
    Fox & Dog is releasing the production rights for free as an incentive to get theaters to hire more womxn in their season, both on-stage and behind the scenes. By producing one or more of the plays in the Glass Ceiling Series, the participating theaters will have the opportunity to allocate the part of their operating budget normally reserved for production rights into paying a majority womxn creative team, allowing the plays to be interpreted from a femme perspective.
  • How do you define “womxn”?
    We define “womxn” as cisgendered women, trans*, and non-binary people.
  • What is the character breakdown and running time of the plays?
    D-Pad features four characters (two womxn, two men) and has an estimated running time of 90 minutes. Go Ahead features three characters (two womxn, one man) and has an estimated running time of 100 minutes. Watch Me Jump features five characters (four womxn, one man) and has an estimated running time of 75 minutes. Apart from the character Audra Bee Mills in Watch Me Jump, all of the characters can be played by someone of any race, and intersectionality is encouraged when considering casting choices.
  • What requirements does a theater need to have in order to produce these plays?
    If a theater wishes to produce one or multiple of the plays in the Glass Ceiling Series, theywill have to agree to the following requirements: • The theater is required to hire a 75% majority womxn production and creative team.• No production can be billed as a premiere of any kind, whether it be world premiere, regional premiere, or otherwise.• The theater will credit the productions as “written by Jeremy Gable”, but any bios or interviews for any supplemental material will be about Fox & Dog as a company and not Jeremy Gable as a playwright.• Opening night of the production(s) will be required to happen on or before December 31, 2021. If a theater is not able to meet all of these requirements, they will have to pay Fox & Dog forproduction rights.
  • Why is it a requirement to have a majority womxn production and creative team?
    We believe it is disingenuous to produce these plays, all centered around strong womxn, if those productions are going to run by a majority male creative and production team. Fox & Dog requires the production to have a 75% womxn creative team to champion creative leadership from womxn, both onstage and behind the scenes.
  • Why are theaters in the Philadelphia region excluded from participating in this initiative?
    These plays were written and workshopped in Philadelphia. Fox & Dog is interested in opening up the plays to be interpreted by people in many different cities, with the hope that after the Initiative has ended, the plays can return to Philadelphia with hometown collaborators. If any Philadelphia producers are interested in participating in the Initiative, please send inquiries to
  • What do you consider the Philadelphia region?
    Any theater that is 50 miles from Philadelphia City Hall is considered as part of the Philadelphia region.
  • Do the plays have to be theatre productions?
    Yes. The rights for these plays are only available for theatrical productions. These stories cannot be adapted for any other medium such as film, radio, webseries, etc.
  • Are high schools allowed to produce any of the plays in the Glass Ceiling Series?
    As Fox & Dog is concerned about the adult content within the plays, production rights are currently not available to high schools.
  • Are international rights available?
    To inquire about international rights, please reach out to Fox & Dog. Please be aware that the plays are written in English, and translations in other languages are not currently available.
  • Who is Fox & Dog?
    Fox & Dog is a partnership between collaborators Brey Ann Barrett and Jeremy Gable.
  • For any other questions, please reach out to us at"
    We are here for you.
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